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Super Cake King B


This cake is the 2ed of 3 pcs Super Cake King ,184 shots, Guandu fireworks Group designed and produced one Super cake King in 2023, the cake is extremly big and weight, need at least 4 people to take, its size is about 1.7m in length and 0.93 m wide,  when people see this unusually large cake, especially this cake have so good effect, colorfull, Vivid, funny, shocking,  One Super cake King will be  a wonderful display.people went crazy, and everyone want to buy one and show to their friends. 

Sekarang Kami merancang 3 buah senyawa kue F3 untuk pasar Eropa dan menerapkan CE, Kue Super Raja A;Kue Super Raja B;Kue Super Raja C; bersama-sama mereka adalah kue Super versi King Europe.